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Ducted Air Conditioning System

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Ducted Air Conditioning Installations In Sydney

Purchasing and installing a ducted air conditioning system is one of the best investments you can make for your home. At DTF Air, we ensure that we scope your property and understand your needs in detail, before we recommend a system for you.

With a single controller, you can control the heating or cooling throughout your home or office. In Sydney, we face hot and cold weather alike, so it’s an excellent solution to make your home, or small office comfortable all year long – whether you need to cool down, or make your home and office warm during those cold months, ducted air conditioning is the way to go. 

In addition to ducted air conditioning
installation services, DTF Air excels in the service
and maintenance of ducted air conditioners

So, whether you want to install a brand new ducted air conditioner system in your home or office, or perhaps you already have one and require maintenance – DTF Air is just one call away.

Why You Would Choose A Split System?

Advantages of Ducted Air Conditioning Systems



Full Control


Choice of Brands


Even Air Distribution


Complete Solution for the home

Ensuring up to 8 controlled seperate zones have all year-round heating and cooling, at your leisure.

Easy control

Zone controlling, Main Central temperature control and set and forget timers.

Massive Range

Various brands and different systems are available, starting at 5KW systems through to 25KW. This includes Reverse Cycle Inverters, Premium Inverter and Digital Scroll Models. With such a varied range of available systems, therei s a solution for every style and size of home/office.

Noise Levels & Styling

Ducted systems offer a non intrusive setup to your home, with only the diffusers or grills mounted in the ceiling being visible. All equipment which produce noise, are mounted in the ceiling, roof or outside. This makes Ducted Systems the quietest operating Air Conditioning Systems you can install.

Added Value

If you were planning to install multiple Split System (Wall units) in your home, it will most certainly be cheaper to install a Ducted Air Conditionong system. Home buyers also will see the value of this

What's available?

Ready To Find Your Perfect Ducted Air Conditioning System?

Daikin ducted air conditioning systems, Fujitsu ducted air conditioning and Mitsubishi Electric ducted air conditioning are our preferred brands for residential/home installations.

Ducted air conditioning systems are normally designed to operate in two or additional zones (up to 8 with Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric zone controllers), which can be independently heated or cooled at different times. With this precise type of control, you can save money on your bills by ensuring only the zone you want to control is cooled or heated. 

See our partner suppliers below.  Click a brand to view their available products:

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